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Nathan Jones wrote in a message to All:

 NJ> Hmmm...the only person I know of who has a Simple Patant of Arms is
 NJ> Constance St.Dunston down in Bjornsborg.  And that was given, what,
 NJ> about  twenty years ago?    No, more than that, it was after she
 NJ> was Princess of  the Principality.  

I believe are incorrect.  Constance has a Viscounty, which dates from her reign
as 2nd Princess of Ansteorra (12/09/78) and a Pelican which dates from 10/24/87
- almost 9 years later.  I recall being present when she and her then husband,
Randall von Nordlichwald, were elevated to the Pelican (although I must confess
that I cannot recall the nature of the service for which they were so

There is no record in any Ansteorran Roll of Precedence in my possesion (and I
have copies of all of them) of her having a simple Patent.

It is *possible* that she has such from Atenveldt and it was never entered in
the Ansteorran precedence rolls, in which case she should contact the current
Zodiacus Herald to have the precedence rolls updated.

According to the most current precedence database in my possession (current -
within the limits of the reports I'd recieved - through May 18, 1996), the only
person in Ansteorra with a simple Patent is Countess Maragaret ny Connor, whose
Patent (and County) resulted from her reign as Queen of the East (where they
most times give a Patent with County, thus making their "Royal Peers" actual
peers (Ansteorra does not follow this practice - our "Royal Peers" are not
actual peers unless they are also Knights/Masters, Laurels, or Pelicans)).

Aodhan (former precedence herald)

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