Peerage Stuff Re: Why I Hate Fencing

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Thu Dec 12 05:30:27 PST 1996

>Our Clare wrote:
>>In response to your comment about giving Peerages to a person who is of
>>Peer Quality; there is a Simple Patent of Arms that can be given out in
>>many kingdoms.  We used to have one and I frankly have not kept up with
>>it's life.
>Hmmm...the only person I know of who has a Simple Patant of Arms is 
>Constance St.Dunston down in Bjornsborg.  And that was given, what, about 
>twenty years ago?    No, more than that, it was after she was Princess of 
>the Principality.  

Hmmm, 20 years ago we were just an obscure corner of Atenveldt. Randall &
Constance were Prince & Princess of Ansteorra in 1978, IIRC.

     -Tivar Moondragon
     (mastadon & fossil)

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