The "RennPeer" (WAS Re: Why I Hate Fenci

James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Dec 12 03:26:08 PST 1996

> A fourth peerage order: since you have supplied no "working title",
> allow me to suggest "Exemplar" for the nonce.

That has a rather nice ring to it. I wonder how it is for historical 

 An Exemplar would be
> expected to uphold courtesy, chivalry, service, and other minimal
> levels of knowledge such as required now of Knight, Dame, Master, or
> Mistress. Further, they would become qualified for consideration by
> showing a wide array of interests and proficiencies in several
> thereof: for descriptive purpose, let us say a Thistle, a Crane, and
> a Falcon all held by the same individual would be one basis for
> candidacy (remembering that there should in our final expectations
> be no requirement for display of martial skill beyond basic
> familiarity with terms).

While I see the need for a peerage for the generalist, let's not 
leave out those specialists who are not covered by the other three 
peerages. I still feel the expert archer or animal trainer should be 
considered just as we consider the expert ratan fighter and the 
expert wood carver. The thread all these folks should have in common 
are those peerage qualities I mentioned earlier.

> Hmmmm. Reading over a portion of the above, I even have a suggestion
> as to one of the duties that the Exemplar Circle could be expected
> to fulfill: advise the Crown upon possible candidates for elevation
> as Lions of Ansteorra.

This is very specific to Ansteorra, and the Lions are quite capable
of this themselves.

> > After all, shouldn't it be the Crown -- not the BOD -- who decides
> > what is worthy of reward in their kingdom?
> Not only the Crown, my well-spoken gentleman. The Crown, expressing
> the will of a significant sector of the populace that they govern,
> and the officers who serve Kingdom & Society at all levels, in
> addition to those people willing to work toward such a goal.

One assumes the approprate input would be given. 


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