Fighter Food!

Casey Weed nextristan at
Thu Dec 12 07:07:36 PST 1996

At 08:44 PM 12/11/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Meadhbh wrote:
>>hmmmm....i've been thinking about tackling this as a project.....
>>wonder where i can get the ingredients?
>Any good Asian market should have frozen pig blood.  Or, if you aren't 
>sure about trusting your local Asian market, just ask the butcher at 
>the supermarket.  If he doesn't carry it, he might know of who does.
>>this could be fun AND it is very irish!!!!
>Yep, and blood is an overlooked period food source in the SCA.

I think I would like to take just a moment to say something....


Cant you guys just write a paper about it??(publish it in a trade journal...
maybe something in a dentists office) I mean I've even fixed dye with
urine(just try not to think about it when I wear it), but between you,
Meadhbh, and Kein, I can hardly keep my twinkies down. ~burp~

And to think other Kingdoms wonder at our hardiness in battle... they just
dont eat with us!


Melio est dare quam recipere.

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