European Schedule for KWDS--Important Corrections!!

Fri Dec 13 12:54:06 PST 1996


The recent posting of the European Schedule for the Known World Dance
Symposium contained a couple of bad descriptions that have been corrected by
the teachers of the classes.  (Thank you Countess Mara and Mistress Rosina.)
 Here are the corrections...

First the Saturday 2pm class taught by Mistress Rosina, "Italian 15c Style"
should not have a class pre-requisite for attending.  Rosina assures me that
the class begins with a teaching of the steps and style in which they should
be danced and progresses forward, so that dancers of all skill levels are
welcome to attend.

Secondly, please replace the Sunday morning 9:30 am description of the Caroso
Ball, with the following description:
Sunday, February 2nd

9:30 am- Caroso-style Ball- Mara Kolarova - Dance in a 'bardic circle'
format, with formal manners and live music.  All skill levels invited.  The
playlist includes period dances both easy and advanced, well known in the
Society and taught at the Symposium.  This is how Caroso expected a high
society dance party to work, as opposed to what we usually do in the SCA.

Please make these corrections to the schedules you now have about the
Symposium, and my apologies to the instructors for the mistakes.

THL William Redcape of Iron Mountain

Collegium Coordinator
Known World Dance Symposium

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