Fighter Food!

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Thu Dec 12 07:35:19 PST 1996

Heidi J Torres wrote:
> Hey, like I said, just go puncture a cow.  Back home, cattle were too
> precious just to butcher anytime you needed some hearty protein so blood
> and milk were valuable by-products.  There's a vein in their necks that
> works.  My grandmother always advised me to sing softly to the creatures
> to sort of lull them, or just to talk gently in a random fashion -- I was
> good at this, as you can guess, and so helped granny out often.  You take
> with you a sharp pointy knife and a deep bowl or jug.  A quick puncture,
> the blood spurts out, you catch it in the bowl (or whatever).  When you
> have enough, apply a little pressure on the nick on the cow's neck, daub
> a little mud or salve on there, and off you go, back to the round house
> with your blood pudding ingredients.

> Obviously, in beef-rich Ansteorra, there's not much call for blood
> puddings, so this has become something of a lost art.  However, good
> Mistress, if you're up for it, I can show you the technique.
I am up for it.  I have found a source of pig blood.  I would also like
to do it with cow's blood.  This could be a good use for all those
vampires running around the sca of late.  At least they could perform a
useful task for us....(grin)

> Gods know it can't be as hard as gathering prickly pear fruit (insert
> evil chuckle here).
hey, hey, hey......only those with talent get to harvest prickly pear
fruit and survive!
> And then, blood puddings and pancakes for all!


p.s. looking forward to feeding all of Kein's squires!!!

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