Persian New Year

DEIDRA L GOUGH cat_eyes at
Thu Dec 12 18:13:07 PST 1996

I recently stumbled across a distressingly brief mention of the Persian
New Year. This is the only mention I have ever seen regarding what I
assume to be quite the festive occation. It was in a book entitled
"Harem: the World Behind the Veil". All it said was that it is celebrated
at the spring eqinox. The Grand Vizir and other officers of the Court
present the Sultan with gifts, and the women in the harem exchange gifts
as well. 
Hardly applies in the SCA. 
I am in desperate need of more information about this holiday as a few of
us in Bonwicke (OK, just me now, I'm trying to convince others this is a
good idea) are tossing around thoughts regarding an event for those of us
of Middle Eastern persuasion to celebrate this occation.

Any out and out info or a guide to reference materials would be quite

Lady Deirdre
aka Yasamine of Taqsim

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