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Lady Deirdre wrote:

>Did anyone take the time to read the introduction in the newest "Complete
>Anachronist", vol 88-- "Beyond Prowess"?? 
>I did. Found out that according to Maurice Keen in his book "Chivalry",
>prowess, skill at arms and strength of body, is only the first of six
>virtues necessary to become a knight.
>Very interesting. Subconsciously, I thing i knew this.  Made me rather
>curious though. Prowess is the only one mentioned. What are the other

No, I haven't read the latest CA, but the author has oversimplified Keen's
explanations.  The majority of Keen's text _Chivalry_ is dedicated to
determining the various virtues that comprised the evanescent idea we call
"chivalry."  Early in his text, Keen remarks, "From a very early stage we
find the romantic authors habitually associating together certain qualities
which they clearly regarded as the classic virtues of good knighthood:
prouesse, loyaute', largesse (generosity), courtoisie, and franchise (the
free and frank bearing that is visible testimony to the combination of good
birth with virtue).

Keen later cites sources which list:  
        "those who are bons, saiges et cortois, preux et vaillans" [good,
wise, courteous, martially competent, and valiant].
        "Manheit, Milte, Zuht, and Trowve. . . the direct analogues of
French prouesse, largesse, courtoisie and loyaute'." [In the German cult of
Ritterschaft and Ere.]

Keen talks about the church's gradual encroachment upon the rites of
knighthood, but he never discusses the virtue "piety."

Keen's _Chivalry_ is probably the most frequently cited source on ceremonies
and virtues of knoghthood, but the work is rather thinly encyclopedic.  It
does, however, reference some terrific primary sources. 

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