Why Drumming Kills a Bardic Circle

Chris Walden cmwalden at flash.net
Fri Dec 13 07:36:27 PST 1996

Being just a little more serious on this subject:

I do tire of the mid-eastern drumming all the time.  I enjoy that 
sort of thing from time to time.  My wife is a dancer.  I have a 
drum.  I play from time to time.

But there are many other forms of drumming.  I just picked up a drum 
for the Sable Bande (a small military company in Bryn Gwlad that is 
forming).  We're getting data for drum beats used in military 
settings.  Drums were used as signal devices on the field.  They are 
used in many other types of music beyond that used for wiggling.

I'd like to see the use of the drum expanded and people explore other 
areas.  I've seen the directios that Cinric (sp?) has gone with 
period drumming.  There's so much there, it seems a shame that we 
tend to grasp onto the one aspect of Middle-Eastern.

I also agree that I enjoy drumming more before I go to bed.  2am does 
sound like a decent time to cut it off.


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