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dennis grace wrote:
> Greetings, Cosyns,
> Lady Deirdre wrote:
> >Did anyone take the time to read the introduction in the newest "Complete
> >Anachronist", vol 88-- "Beyond Prowess"??
> >I did. Found out that according to Maurice Keen in his book "Chivalry",
> >prowess, skill at arms and strength of body, is only the first of six
> >virtues necessary to become a knight.
> >Very interesting. Subconsciously, I thing i knew this.  Made me rather
> >curious though. Prowess is the only one mentioned. What are the other
> >five?I have realized that I mistook the original post on this thread
for a posting on the Iron Rose Mailing List.  I apologize for
any confusion or annoyance.  On the other hand, if you're interested
in hearing more about the topics I addressed, consider subscribing.

Though I warn you, it is a _very_ high traffic list, and doesn't 
have a digest running yet.

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