Sushi with mead (was Re: eel dishes)

Damaris of Greenhill damaris at
Fri Dec 13 04:37:48 PST 1996

Nathan Jones wrote:
> Stefan li Rous wrote:
> >Does anyone know where I can get eel (fresh or frozen) so I can try
> >making a medieval eel dish?
> This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw this letter!  I've heard
> rumors that you can get canned eel in some Anglophile stores (A Taste
> of England or similar named stores).  I've also heard that eel is
> fairly oily, which to my mind means that it is probably stongly fish
> flavored, but very rich.
> All rumor and conjecture, any facts out there?
> gio

Sounds like sushi for feast to me!!!!! Yum.  Sushi with mead.
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