Koch, KA Kimberly (4384) KochKA at
Fri Dec 13 12:35:00 PST 1996

Amra wrote:
>Let's consider it official - an UNofficial contest to be added-on for
>I expect to have my blade sharpening & sales set-up in place (merchanting
>*is* allowed, I think), so drop by and see me on-site...

Sorry, Amra.  Merchanting, unfortunately, is *not* allowed, due to space
limitations.  We couldn't get our usual big, spacious coronation site
<deep, depressed sigh> and this site simply doesn't have the room for

Everyone: please contact the autocrat if you have any questions
concerning Coronation:
	Lady Aelfric of Alburn
	mka Barbara Weiszbrod
	6011 I-30 #217
	Greenville, TX 75402
	(903) 455-5599
If you prefer e-mail, you can e-mail me, and I will be sure to pass any
messages on to her:
	Lady Thyra of Black Oak Keep
	mka Kim Koch
	address and ph # same as above
	kochka at
Any e-mail between Dec 17 and Jan 2 won't get answered until after the
2nd - I'm on vacation then and away from my e-mail.

Happy holidays!

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