Books for Sick Kids

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Fri Dec 13 22:01:18 PST 1996

Heilsa ya'll...
Was asked to forward this... goes!

This letter was forwarded Sat 1:16pm, 14 Dec 1996 CST by LEE329 at DALLAS:

This came from my friend Dolly Garlo today. I have written her back and
asked her for the email address. I will send that along as soon as I get
it. Please share this information with everyone you can! Merry Christmas-
Instead of a joke -- and easy way to support a children's program; and =
just in time to help you feel good (better?) for the holidays.  Cheers, =

This is a wonderful cause!!  Please send an email!!

The Houghton-Mifflin publishing co. is giving books to children's =
how many books they give depends on how many emails they receive from =
around the world.  for every 25 emails they receive, they give one =
seems like a great way to help a good cause.  All you have to do is =
I hope you can spare the seconds...and let your friends know.  So far =
only have 3, 400 messages...last year they reached 23,000.

--------- End forwarded message ----------

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