Why Drumming Kills a Bardic Circle

Paulette L Ogg oggb at juno.com
Fri Dec 13 17:15:35 PST 1996

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996 18:27:34 -0600 zarazena at io.com (Vicki Marsh) writes:
>Britta the Red wrote:
>>I would be honored to ever have the chance to learn drumming skills 
>>you. Please encourage any and all classes.
>The Barony of Elfsea has put in a bid for a Kingdom Dance Symposium 
>summer.  I would love to teach a class there, and invite others to do 
>the same.
>If you can, practice with some of the music that the dancers have.  It
>really helps.  Also, see if there is a local Middle Eastern dance 
>group or
>teacher around in your area.  They often teach privately.
>Thank you for trying to be a considerate drummer.
>Zara Zina

Your Excellency this is not directed at you personally, but I finally got
up the nerve to jump in and your post was the one in the thread I had

I have sat here and read how drummers and dancers kill a bardic circle,
but what about the so-called bards that have to tell long boring stories
that last as long if not longer than some of the drummers? or the singer
that can hardly carry a tune? those things too will kill a bardic circle,
I have seen many a drunk bard that didn't know when to quit, or the one
that insists on finishing  every ones stories for them. Yes it is easy to
point to the drummers and dancers and say "it is all their fault that the
bardic circle died".  They are the loudest and flashiest, and yes there
are people out there that should never pick up a drum. But if you try to
stop the drummers and dancers because you don't like it, then the next
step is to only let those who CAN bard stand up and do their
thing....Most of us only get to drum or dance at events, just as some
bards only get to sing or tell stories at events, unless they are
competing why can't they just take turn or go to separate ends of the
event site, and those who want to bard can bard and those who want to
drum/dance can do that.  No one is forcing you to be around what you
don't  want to be around, you always have the opportunity to leave and go
elsewhere in the camp.

HL Gwendolene McIver

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