Books for Sick Kids - STOP

Sharon Colvin oriana at
Sat Dec 14 13:49:36 PST 1996

scottish at wrote:
> Was asked to forward this... goes!
> The Houghton-Mifflin publishing co. is giving books to children's 
> hospitals;SNIP
> I hope you can spare the seconds...and let your friends know.  So far 
> they only have 3, 400 messages...last year they reached 23,000.

An acquaintance of mine actually called Houghton-Mifflin and 
apparently this is a marketing idea gone berserk.  They have
well over 34 thousand messages so far, have tied up their
servers beyond belief, and are asking that no more e-mail
messages be sent.  BTW, the computer department there is
ready to kill the marketing department.

oriana at

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