Why Drumming Kills a Bardic Circle

Larkin O'Kane larkin at apache.webstar.net
Fri Dec 13 14:56:05 PST 1996

On 13 Dec 96 20:15 , HL Gwndolyn wrote:

> ... or the singer that can hardly carry a tune? those things
> too will kill a bardic circle, I have seen many a drunk bard that
> didn't know when to quit, or the one that insists on finishing 
> every ones stories for them. Yes it is easy to point to the drummers
> and dancers and say "it is all their fault that the bardic circle
> died".  

All of these things can kill a bardic circle. So now how do we find a 
solution to them? The topic under discussion was how to prevent 
drummers from killing a bardic circle. It's a valid topic and one 
dear to my heart. I love to drum. I love to sing. I love to tell a 
tall tale or two. How can we do it ALL at the same circle? It has 
been done successfully and there should be  a place for all in the circle.

> Most of us only get to drum or dance at events, just as some bards
> only get to sing or tell stories at events, unless they are
> competing why can't they just take turn or go to separate ends of
> the event site, and those who want to bard can bard and those who
> want to drum/dance can do that.  

There you go. Take turns. An excellent idea. That way I don't have to 
choose one or the other. I can have my cake and eat it too. <gr>

> No one is forcing you to be around what you don't  want to be
> around, you always have the opportunity to leave and go elsewhere
> in the camp.

Nope, don't want to run the drummers off because I want to drum. 
Don't want to run the singers off because I want to sing and listen 
to others sing.  Don't want to run off . . .  you got the picture.

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