Bad Bards or Bad Drummers?

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wf3 at
Sat Dec 14 06:03:43 PST 1996

okay, before this thread gets lost, where can I find some middle eastern
drumming tapes to learn more skills? I do have a learning manual, but I
would rather have a tape so I can hear it done correctly. I have none to
practice with around here except myself and a friend with a bodhran.
Having noted the bardic ability to learn a song wrong and continue
passing it on wrong, I would rather learn drum beats correctly. For all
the drummers who say they can't practice except at events, here is out
chance. Please post as much info on drum tapes as possible.
*correction* the shire of Mooneschadowe hosted a Kingdom Dance
Symposium, not a Known World. Please forgive my misbeat.
Britta the Red

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