Bad Bards or Bad Drummers?

Dan Briggs i713181 at
Sat Dec 14 05:12:16 PST 1996

 All the known world realizes that there are good and not so good 
bards and drummers.  To my knowledge, I have never met a BAD one in 
any kingdom.  To be a bard, one must have inside a love to reach out  
and share with others the images that whirl around ones soul.         
   There are those out in the world who have little enough of a life  
that it makes them feel superior to attack and belittle all that does 
not gratify their own tastes.  These poor micro minded lost souls     
are not happy with the  runes that life has cast them and only        
by bringing down others with their harpy screachings can they feel    
     To these I hope many a long evening of these so called BAD BARDS 
they must endure. As myself has had to endure an even worst thing,    
BAD LORDS and LADYS who appreciate not Bard, be he great or not.      
To these may come an army of ATTACK BARDS least they change their 
                                     Lord Svan Coldbrowskaldson       
                 note; thanks is given to D.Briggs for allowing me to 
use this strange device to address this sorry state of affairs. These 
are my feelings .
Dan Briggs
"Just another day in Paradise!"
St. Petersburg, Florida
dbriggs at

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