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Sun Dec 15 19:47:28 PST 1996

>Earl Kein wrote:
>> I have also noticed a slight disadvantage of a scutem. The bottom front 
>> corner can more easily be hooked.

I've always (since I've used one...) felt this disad exactly balanced out by
how much easier it is to hook with the bottom fore corner of said scutem...

>I discovered another disadvantage when I lived in Bjornsborg and would
>travel to Bryn Gwlad for fighter practice.  If the person using the
>scutum is of averge height or taller, and their opponent is of smaller
>stature (such as Viscount Galen, Duke Lloyd, or myself), the smaller
>opponent can make him/herself effectively vanish by moving close in to
>the shield side.  And woe to the person who tries looking around or
>over their scutum to see just where there opponent has gone!

This disad is in no major way different to the same problem you would have
with a heater, and the soloution is exaclty the same, look at their feet or
shadow and either run away or advance and attack...


p.s. but heaters DO look cooler... I can't argue there.....

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