Bad Bards or Bad Drummers?

SusanKFord at SusanKFord at
Sun Dec 15 08:00:24 PST 1996

All this talk of attack drummers reminds me of a story from this last
Pennisic. The Ansteorrans had all settled down for a party in camp, including
druming by Master Lucais, Sir Kief, His Magesty Michael, and many others. We
had a rug out for dancers. 

Several drummers from (I think they may have been Tuchucks) another camp
wandered in with very large drums and several dancers. They set up and began
to perform. And they performed and performed and performed. People began to
leave. Our drummers couldn't join in, because their drumming was very
freestyle and modern. It became very monotonous. The dancers were doing some
sort of fire-worshipping freestyle dance not remotley Middle-Eastern in
skimpy costumes. This went on for more than an hour until finally on some
pretense Michaela broke them up. More than half the crowd had melted away by

I had almost forgotten that episode.


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