You Might Be A Viking If... Quiz

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Sun Dec 15 23:08:58 PST 1996

Due to repeated requests that I post this a second time, here it is!  Anyone
who needs a copy after this, check and see if it's on the Rialto Archives yet.

This was originally found on the Web page of a real live modern Icelander,
and translated into English for another list I subscribe to.  Enjoy!


I just found this off some guys web page.  He is from Iceland and these
questions were in a local paper there.

1.)  You get home for dinner, What do you prefer to eat?
   a. A bag of snacks
   b. bread with cheese.
   c. raw meat of a polar bear.

2.)  Someone calls your sister "reindeerface" how do you react?
   a. you agree
   b. you punch him
   c. you kill him

3.)  Your wife walks around in you pants do you:
   a. Follow her lead and wear one of her dresses.
   b. demand for her to give you your pants back
   c. divorce her

4.)  How do you like to bathe?
   a. in a hot foam bath
   b. a cold shower
   c. let the dirt run off your body while in a sauna then go for a roll in
the snow afterwards

5.)  What is your favorite hobby?
   a. reading books
   b. listening to great stories, tales of viking battles and adventures
   c. fighting and wrestling until you are exhausted

6.) You are invited to a wedding, how long do you enjoy the party afterwards?
   a. one hour
   b. one day
   c. a month

7.)  You go to a party and drink some ale, when do you think you have drank
   a. midnight
   b. when you are drunk
   c. when you pass out

8.)  What is the best thing about horses?
   a. to ride off into nature
   b. horse races/racing
   c. training the horses to battle each other to the death.

9.)  What would you wear to battle?
   a. a suit of armor and a bullet proof vest
   b. a suit of armor and a helmet
   c. nothing but a small piece of leather that would inspire you with the
strength of the animal

10.)  What would you use as an alternative to toilet paper?
   a. yesterday's newspaper
   b. moss
   c. nothing 

Total your answers, giving yourself 1 point for each "a", 2 points for each
"b" and 3 points for each "c".

25 to 30 = You are a Saga Viking!
20 to 24 = Never fear, there is a bench in Valhalla with your name on it!
15 to 19 = You might make an OK Viking.
10 to 14 = Perhaps the Viking life is not for you.
  1 to  9 = Viking, Hel! You'd do better to pick up a rapier, wear lace, and
drench yourself in French perfume!

Wassail and God Jul,

Gunnora Hallakarva
Ek eigi visa (th)ik hversu o(dh)lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
heldr hversu na Hersis-A(dh)al

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