A Different Drum

Vicki Marsh zarazena at io.com
Mon Dec 16 08:40:34 PST 1996


I'm staying at home with a sick child and reading a book about coping with
Difficult People (a good thing to do for a territorial noble).  

A few observations:

1)Some people will take offense at anything.

"Have a nice day"
"What do you mean by that?  That I *must* have a nice day, or that *you* are
having a nice day and I'm not??"

Anyone who knows Gunnora will tell you that if she wishes to insult someone,
she can do so in no uncertain terms, in a variety of languages, or in
whatever terms it will take for the receiver to understand them.

2)The SCA and this forum allows for people to have open discourse on a
variety of topics.  Sometimes, this discourse becomes heated, but we should
all feel safe in being able to have differing opinions. A difference in
opinion is not a denegration of someone else's character.

3) If you really want to be a Martyr and take disagreement as a personal
insult, you can do that.  I have known some otherwise really wonderful
SCA'rs get this attitude.  They usually quit after not getting the "Oh, poor
baby" reaction.

I know.  I was married to one.

4) It's easy to find fault in others, especially if the other belongs to a
easily identifiable target group - Peers, Nobles, Jews, Christians, Blacks,
Football Players, Pagans...etc.- that one is not a member in themselves.

5)I think it's cool to be able to ask for help or answers to questions here
and get them.  It allows members of this and other Kingdoms the ability to
reach other in a way we couldn't do otherwise.

Well, gotta go take care of the boy, wash dishes, do laundry, pay bills, do
Christmas cards, wrap presents,  etc......

Happy yule to everyone,

Zara Zina

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