Gold Lame' joke

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Mon Dec 16 15:20:00 PST 1996

Jovian, I appreciated your original discourse concerning decorative use of 
clothing - and have the following to say with regard to your defense of 
those words. For the record, and this is having had some previous direct 
association with Gio's sense of humor, I saw the humor in his lambaste of 
lame' as well as the deeper considerations for encouraging / improving 
authenticity in costuming...

More generally, I will note that the use of "faux" *anything* in re-creating 
our costuming directly follows the practices of our various ancestors -- 
even most / many of those who could afford the real stuff. Consider for a 
moment the many ingenious forms of fake jewels, reduced-cost fabrics, and 
adulterated metals that have been found in jewelry and surviving clothing. 
In particular relation to clothing, it behooves us all to think upon the 
many variations developed to reduce the cost of silk cloth (weaves I have 
learned some about, and think I've seen some reference to blended threads).

The discussion I lead in class form ("Everyday Ornamentation") includes as 
many basic references on this general matter as I can dredge up or encourage 
the participants to divulge. My thanks for the brief description of the 
"border export control officer": consider same swiped, in form if not in 

I hope that I am at least as guilty as most in trading off between humor and 
formality, frivolity and study, as I note many of the "best" voices on this 
list (and in Ansteorra) are. Making no claims to perfect authenticity in 
*any* of my endeavors within the SCA, I can still comment upon matters 
related. And try harder the next time I create something, or spout off with 
an opinion, or present solid documentation.

Thanks for *your* example.

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
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