Gold Lame'

moadeeb at moadeeb at
Mon Dec 16 22:10:53 PST 1996

>Ummmmm. I believe the original post was a jest. Drum, Drum, Drum....

I'm glad this was pointed out to me!  I am one of many newcomers here who 
eagerly soaks up every bit of information I can from this list about 
costuming.  I did not understand this to be a joke but a sincere lambast 
about using the fabric for SCA garb.  I was actually a little upset about 
it, as I have a lovely dress that, while not exactly historically correct, 
is the only outfit I have that is not peasant class.  I had pretty much 
decided that I was not going to be able to attend the next event for fear of 
being chatised or at the least, gossiped about.  I love a joke as much as 
the next person, but please be sure that your jokes are not cloaked as 

Gullibly yours,


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