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Jeanne C. Stapleton jstaplet at
Wed Dec 18 12:55:50 PST 1996

> I used to be pretty nervous around peers and nobility. However, bit
> by bit most of my friends BECAME peers and nobility, so I'm getting
> over it!  :) I had a five year layout in the SCA due to mundanities,
> and when I came back, many of my old friends had become peers,
> especially laurels. I kinda get a kick out of seeing some of their
> stuff and saying, "Geeze, I taught her how to do that!"
This became the case with me, as well.  anyone else move through
the SCA with the "graduating class" method?  In the set at the 
where I first became really active (although I was already a member),
we had the person who got the first peerage and the person who's
probably gotten the last peerage (although never say never!); I was
the first (and only thus far) to achieve a Crown; we had about seven
people become kingdom officers at one time or another.

For a while, it seemed that whenever I'd leave an area, a whole wave 
of my friends would receive peerages.  This was definitely not a case 
of sucking up on either side; everyone likes to feel that their 
freinds are the best, the cleverest, the most effective (or else why 
would we be friends with them?).  Well, in my case, I really feel 
there's justification for this attitude!  :-)  I've made friends with 
little clusters of people who weren't peers when I first knew them, 
but got there.

> Now, I only get nervous around peers/nobility that I don't know, and
> that's more a fear of strangers than the fact that they are peers.
> (I think).
Could be.  I wonder at the number of shy people in the sCa.  I'm not
really shy myself, so it's always a difficult phenomenon to 
why people come to a group activity when people make them...what?
Nervous?  Scared?  Suspicious?  Uncomfortable?

Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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