Mid East music sources

DEIDRA L GOUGH cat_eyes at juno.com
Fri Dec 20 22:00:00 PST 1996

There are several sources for Middle Eastern Music out. I can only think
of one instructional drumming tape out right now and that is by Sir David
(sp?) in al-Barran. I need to do a little checking around to find out
exactly where you can get this tape. Also you can use regular Mid East
dance music to learn drumming. Picking out the drum rhythem from all the
other instruments can be a good tool to learn. Since I have access to no
addresses at this time (I can get them for you later), I may have another
suggestion. Doing research on this subject and others similar in the
past, I did a search on the net  for belly dancing information & I found
all kinds of kool stuff, clothing, music, etc...

I will get those address or something in the next few days.

Lady Deirdre

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