Why Drumming Kills a Bardic Circle

DEIDRA L GOUGH cat_eyes at juno.com
Fri Dec 20 22:00:00 PST 1996

Vivat, Gwen!!!

Maybe why bards kill a good dance circle...

You know, I have sat and read all through this discussion, and the very
one-sidedness amazes me. 

I've read (and I paraphrase) "don't let the new/bad dancers dance. Don't
let the new/bad drummers drum.  Fine, don't let the new/bad bards bard.
Don't let the new/bad artisians enter A&S competitions. Don't let the
new/bad fighters enter tourneys. I see the fairness here. 

I thought this game was about learneng about the MIddle Ages (like it or
not, this activley includes the Middle East).  

I like the drums & the dancing. I do have a problem with bad drummers (I
prefer my bard in a box-- I can turn it down or off when I feel like
bursting into song or sleep). I also have a problem with what I call
"Melee Belly Dancing".  The circumstances surrounding this self
explanitory phrase are extremely unpleasant to a skilled dancer-- to the
"wigglers", it just does not matter.  There is barely enough room for a
small shimmy,  and I will walk away from a dance circle like this

On behalf of dancers everywhere: I have seen many a good dance circle
ruined by the story teller who stands in the middle of the dance floor
til the drummers stop and the dancers are shuffled out of the way so
he/she can recite a 15 minute long monotone monologue to the GRASS!

I don't mind a good bard or stirring story, but please!  Just as there is
a line to be drawn when it comes to wigglers & pathetic "1 rhythem for 5
hours" drummers, there is also a line when it comes to entertaining
bardic or merely rehersal.  

I am quite familiar with the "1 rhythem for 5 hours" drummers-- I'm in
Bonwicke. Home of the 1 rhythem.  That is why I carry my bard in a box
with me every where.

I did, however, just figure out why there are so few Middle Eastern
Dancers in this Kingdom, what with the reception I've seen here today.

As far as drummers being silenced at 2 am, I have been to several events
where there is a designated "Quiet area". No bardic or drumming circles
allowed near that area. Personally, I've gotten some of my best sleep
with the drums play all night.

Having had time to  think about it, I think the bardic and dance circles
should be seperated. I much prefer the energy in a dance circle.

Lady Deirdre

Resurrection? Been there, done that. Can you say "Isis & Osiris"?

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