Peer Fear

Nathan Jones njones at
Mon Dec 23 22:55:45 PST 1996

Greetings Friends!

I was "cured" of my peer fear after I had been in the SCA about six 
months.  I had been living a fairly sheltered SCA existance in 
Bjornsborg, not traveling all that much and only traveling with the 
group of friends I knew well.  But then all that changed one day!  

I had been introduced to Lady Gunnora (this was before she had her 
Iris), by a mutual friend and we hit it off fairly well.   So, I 
would up spending a bit of time at her apartment.  Or rather, I 
should say Baroness Mari's apartment since at the time Gunnora was 
living on the hide-a-bed in Mari's apartment.  And I was deathly 
afraid to speak to Mari.  She was a peer.  She was a noble.  She 
had been in the SCA _forever_!  *grin*

But, time came for Tournement of the Worthies, and Mari was going 
and wanted to make a big splash.  Since Galen Niccoli was fighing 
for her, she wanted to go as a Florentine, and was looking around 
in the barony for someone who might want to help out and play the 
servant for the weekend.  I had nothing better to do, didn't have a 
problem interacting with Mari as a manservant/mistress basis, and I 
was Florentine!  Seemed natural for me to volunteer.

Well, I had a great time!  Mari and I really hit it off, and she 
offered me a deal:  I would travel with her as her manservant and 
she would introduce me around, make sure I had a place to stay at 
non-camping events, make sure I was fed, and make me a new costume 
once a year!  Thus started the evil friendship that exists today.  

So, my best advice for getting over "peer fear" is what worked for 
me: Volunteer!  I still do it.  It's my instinctive reaction to 
being in an enviroment where I don't know anybody.  


p.s.  Remind me tell the story of the "Mari Bag" sometime!  
    *big evil grin*


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