Peer Fear

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Mon Dec 23 13:23:48 PST 1996

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>Dear Esrill, I am one of those shy people that you discribed so well. 
>I have
>also done the hide-in-the-tent thing altho not in the last couple of 
>One of the things that I am grateful to the SCA for doing is it seems 
>to have
>taken somewhat of an edge off of my shyness. I still have trouble 
>people occasionally but fortunately folks are more apt to start the
>conversation with me now. This gives me a starting place in the 
>and a little time to "get into personna" . Please people remember, 
>even brass
>can be shy. Not all of us have gotten here by being an in-your- face 
>kind of
>person. What you may persieve as " stuck-up" could simply be a shy 
>struggling with their instinct to "run away".  A little understanding 
>goes a
>long way. My dear Estrill, I would like you to know that the writing 
>of this
>has my stomach in knots also . Thank you for having the "guts" to 
>write your
>letter and allowing me the excuse to join in. Take care, friend. 
>                                                               Happy 
>                                                                Anna
>                                                                {the 
>Bonwicke }   

Never wake a sleeping Lionness <G>

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