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Mon Dec 23 22:19:43 PST 1996

Unto milady Meloria does Giovanni di Cellini send


>I'm glad this was pointed out to me!  I am one of many newcomers here who 
>eagerly soaks up every bit of information I can from this list about 
>costuming.  I did not understand this to be a joke but a sincere lambast 
>about using the fabric for SCA garb.  

Well, as the evil one who wrote that post, you have my sincere apologies for 
any confusion I might have caused.  But the truth of the matter is it was a 
lambast against gold lamè cleverly (I thought) disguised with humor.  *grin*
The intent was to gently let people know that polyester gold lamè is not 
exactly the best choice for a garment.

But as Jovian Skleros mentioned in a follow-up letter, there are many types 
of fabric called lamè.  I was mostly thinking about the 100% polyester gold 
colored cloth, it being the most obvious non-period type of lamè.    

And I must admit, I wear a costume that has a type of lamè lining the 
sleeves.  I love the costume, I get many compliments about it, and I also 
know that the fabric is of no known material of our period.  Oh, and the 
pattern is also out of period.  But, I love and wear the costume!  (and as 
many who know me will no doubt point out, I have far too few SCA clothes!)

>I love a joke as much as the next person, but please be sure that your jokes 
>are not cloaked as knowledge.

Okay, this I can't promise.  *grin*  Just as the best lies lie cloaked in 
believability, so the better jests have a core of truth.

Feel free to wear your new clothes without fear of ridicule.  In fact, you 
will probably be complimented on it!  No one expects someone new come to our 
Society to dress like a museum display.  I have been in the Society for five 
years, and though I've learned what I should be wearing, I still don't most 
of the time.  (I'm basically a lazy person! :) 

Warmest Regards,

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