Gio and Belts

Nathan Jones njones at
Mon Dec 23 23:03:27 PST 1996

Greetings friends, 

Sorry I took so long to answer this thread, but I was on a lovely 
extended weekend (12 days) vacation to Bjornsborg and the Steppes.

Mistress Gunnora wrote:
>OK, Gio.  You have whined enough.


>In my country, when we find an unemployed vagrant laying about our
>homefields, we make a thrall out of him!  
>Suggestions for apprentice projects can be sent immediately following 
>your acceptance of servitude er, ahm, I mean, apprenticeship.

Uh...well...umm....  I kinda already promised to Meadhbh to apprentice 
to her at Candlemas and...HEY IS THAT A STRAND OF AMBER LYING ON THE 

[Gio exits stage left at a full run!]

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