Chris and Elisabeth Zakes moondrgn at
Fri Feb 2 12:52:52 PST 1996

>In a message dated 96-02-02 11:07:29 EST, you write:
>>>Candlemas is still happening in Bryn Gwlad this weekend.  Please 
>>>drive very carefully.  
>Is this really a wise choice?  The Crown of Meridies decided it was better to
>cancel the event planned for this weekend than to risk any of their populace
>to accicdents caused by bad roads.  Even the military at Fort Hood is closed
>completely except for "mission essential" and medical personell.  Shouldn't
>we in Ansteorra be as concerned for our populace?  
>Moriel (being very grumpy because the ice has delayed her husband, who's been
>gone a month, from coming home tomorrow...)

I don't think so--there's a possibility it will thaw out a bit; those who
know how to drive in this muck are welcome, those who can't/don't want to
can stay home in front of the fire.
Just remember Rule #10. Don't be stupid.


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