Jason And Hilary jasonb at
Fri Feb 2 13:48:29 PST 1996

>Mirrim wrote:
>> >>Candlemas is still happening in Bryn Gwlad this weekend.  Please 
>> >>drive very carefully.  
>Moriel wrote:
>> Is this really a wise choice?  The Crown of Meridies decided it was better to
>> cancel the event planned for this weekend than to risk any of their populace
>> to accicdents caused by bad roads.  Even the military at Fort Hood is closed
>> completely except for "mission essential" and medical personell.  Shouldn't
>> we in Ansteorra be as concerned for our populace?  
>It is impossible to let *everyone*, who has planned to attend, know
>that an event is cancelled.  I trust everyone will use their best
>judgement in whether they will attend or not.
Just want to put our two cents worth in:

Well we will be come rain sleet or snow hell or high water. (=

And I hope to see lots of ya'll there. I have talked to the dps office and they
say that it isnt going to get worse it might freeze up a bit tonight but
come morning it will thaw agin.
so all of you who are coming from out of town please drive safly and till
then hope to see you,

                                Jason and Hilary

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