Maureen Martinez Maureen_Martinez at
Mon Feb 5 10:51:59 PST 1996

     >>Would anyone please be so kind as to report on the event, especially as 
     >>to the Court and any awards that were given out?  This is the first 
     >>Candlemas I have missed in at least eight years, and I am homesick.
     >>                Cordially yours, Lady Zahra Zena
     I was in the back of the hall, so missed most of the awards.  However, the 
     one that sticks in my mind was Thomas of Tenby receiveing a Star of Merit.
     Vitat!  Well deserved!!
     I spent the rest of the evening playing Poch and winning a few pennies!!
     Jenny Winslow
     AKA Maureen Martinez
     ---To Gerlach(Kiyama)----------------------------------------------------  
     Greetings.  It has been many months since we last spoke.  I hope you are 
     well.  I can be reached at Maureen_Martinez at  I would enjoy 
     hearing from you.  Cheers!

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