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>Would anyone please be so kind as to report on the event, especially as to
>the Court and any awards that were given out?  This is the first Candlemas I
>have missed in at least eight years, and I am homesick.

Well, let's see...Pug's lady, Myfanwy, was awarded her AoA, as was Magdalena
the Merry. Pug, Maite, and Damaris were given awards for their mead. (The
Unhappy Unhappy mead, as I call it. Never will I be as trusting of mead as I
was at Baronial.) Barnabis Graycloak was awarded the Bryn Dragou (sp?), and
Suvdchin and Thomas of Tenby got awards...(whimpers as her memory fails her
about WHAT awards they got...) Several others got awards, but I can't
remember the proper spelling of their names, nor exactly what awards they
were...(sighs as she wonders what the first thing to go was...I'm feeling
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