Pug pug at
Mon Feb 5 16:26:00 PST 1996

> Well, let's see...Pug's lady, Myfanwy, was awarded her AoA,

Yep, and I oh so wonderfully didn't escort her to the front since I was
a bit attached to my chair at the time. (I don't think they wanted me
dragging it with me into court.)

> Pug, Maite, and Damaris were given awards for their mead. (The
> Unhappy Unhappy mead, as I call it. Never will I be as trusting of mead as I
> was at Baronial.)

It's good for you. *smile*

I think I like the trend when the 3 Baronial A&S awards were given for
mead. *grin*

(Now I just have to live up to it.)


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