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>>Would anyone please be so kind as to report on the event, especially as to
>>the Court and any awards that were given out?  This is the first Candlemas I
>>have missed in at least eight years, and I am homesick.
>Well, let's see...Pug's lady, Myfanwy, was awarded her AoA, as was Magdalena
>the Merry. Pug, Maite, and Damaris were given awards for their mead. (The
>Unhappy Unhappy mead, as I call it. Never will I be as trusting of mead as I
>was at Baronial.) Barnabis Graycloak was awarded the Bryn Dragou (sp?), and
>Suvdchin and Thomas of Tenby got awards...(whimpers as her memory fails her
>about WHAT awards they got...) Several others got awards, but I can't
>remember the proper spelling of their names, nor exactly what awards they
>were...(sighs as she wonders what the first thing to go was...I'm feeling

Otto and Jeremy's lady, Magda were both given service awards, although only
Magda got a kiss from the Baron as well. I also got my AoA.

Fiona ni Gabhan

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