C11Hartel at aol.com C11Hartel at aol.com
Mon Feb 5 18:26:04 PST 1996

Greetings again Ansteorrans and all who read these words.

A few things have happened with Queens' Champion due to the ice/snow of this
past weekend. (Feb 1-4) Many rumors were heard floating around at Candlemas
from what I was told.  Here is the scoop... 

There  IS still going to be Queens' Champion the weekend of February 16-18.
The tourney WILL still be held at the site marked on the map in the Black
The feast WILL be INSIDE -BUT- at the Belton MIDDLE School and NOT the High
School.  The middle school is about one block behind the high school and
seats 450.

Any more questions please feel free to ask either Baroness Caterina
(tourney/general info), Baroness Clarissa (feast info) or myself.



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