Internet Censorship protest

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Fri Feb 9 06:06:08 PST 1996

<ches at>
>How about a good old fashion whipping :) No? ok then how about we flood their email 
>boxes with lots of protest mail?  I did. How many of these political folks actually 
>surf the web anyhow? 

Now, this is just me, mind you, but I really don't think that mail-bombing,
or other similar acts of aggression are the most politically slick way to
express your displeasure at the decision.  Machiavelli would NOT approve.

On the other hand, since the people who were asking for support against
this legislative ledger-demesne (or is that just book-keeping?) obviously
didn't receive enough help to convince our representatives, I think that
darkening home pages where possible is easy enough (ok, it's not for me, but
I neither maintain my own home page, nor am I allowed to express political 
opinions on it).  Beyond that, all we can do is support the ACLU and try to
convince the Supreme Court that this close-room residue is an abridgement of
our rights to free speech and potentially a free press.


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