Internet Censorship protest

Brian Webster webster at
Fri Feb 9 06:36:49 PST 1996

R. Michael Litchfield writes:
> in protest of the Signing of the Telecommunication bill carrying the
> Exon Indecency ammendment.

Lords and Ladies, 

Yesterday, someone replied to R. Litchfield's message with one word, "Please".
I am confused by this statement.  I think it could have three meanings.

1)  A show of support.  The word "please" was a response urging the others
    to support this protest.

2)  A request.  The word "please" represents a request that R. Litchfield
    use the word "please" in his message.

3)  Unneccessary disdain and sarcasm.  The word "please" represents a sarcastic
    response to R. Litchfield's protest.  Use of "please" in this manner would
    be equivalent to "go away little boy and do not bother me with such
    trivial matters."  If this is the case, I would then question the 
    appropriateness of the response.

Essentially, I am not looking for the exact answer to my query.  However,
I would like to remind everyone that this is a written form of communication.
Unfortunately, it does not carry the unspoken communication that we enjoy
while speaking (inflection, pauses, tone).  So, I would urge everyone to make
their response more eloquent in content.  Thank you.

- Webster of Clan Keith

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