Why do some treat heralds so badly

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at post.cis.smu.edu
Wed Feb 14 04:54:27 PST 1996

OKay, so the gist is:

1. Some people are NOT morning people, and will be testy.  As I am a 
morning person, I will allow that in my frame of mind, I cannot 
understand that.  I repeat, in my frame of mind only.  I don't even 
presume to speak for anyone else's frame of mind.

Of course, if I don't get enough sleep, I can be testy as well.

There's nothing to be done about this end of it, then, except that 
emplying courtesy, whether you are or are not a morning person, is 
the best and most courteous thing to do.

2. Someone, I forget who, wrote a message about the general ickyness 
of quality of camp heralding.  If *that* is the case, then education 
in proper vocal techniques, enunciation and pronunciation, and other 
vocal abilities would be the answer.

3.  Someone else, I forget who, wrote that discourtesy is rampant in 
society as a whole, not just our microcosm of society in the SCA.

In that case, I suspect the only thing we can do is to remember that 
courtesy, good manners, and such begin at home, and if we do not 
treat our own loved ones with such, then it is no wonder we do not 
treat others with courtesy.

OTOH, if one small acorn into the mighty oak will grow...

Thank you all for the input.

As for me, my small household ( my lord husband and myself), we shall 
keep on being polite to the heralds, even if they are not, well, 
skillful in their delivery of information.  And then do our best to 
train where we are able.

Emher, still recovering from the headcold, but considerably less 

PS.  I find that the cannons do not bother me in the slightest.  Yes, 
they are jarring.  But then, I'm usually awake before they get fired 

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