Why do some treat heralds so badly

R.Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Wed Feb 14 12:41:54 PST 1996

>OKay, so the gist is:
>1. Some people are NOT morning people, and will be testy.  As I am a
>morning person, I will allow that in my frame of mind, I cannot
>understand that.  I repeat, in my frame of mind only.  I don't even
>presume to speak for anyone else's frame of mind.

In an effort to encourage understanding, Imagine if they came around at
11pm-midnight, when many of us non-morning people are up and wouldn't mind

>There's nothing to be done about this end of it, then, except that
>emplying courtesy, whether you are or are not a morning person, is
>the best and most courteous thing to do.

Now if we could just convince the heralds of this.

>2. Someone, I forget who, wrote a message about the general ickyness
>of quality of camp heralding.  If *that* is the case, then education
>in proper vocal techniques, enunciation and pronunciation, and other
>vocal abilities would be the answer.

That would require heralds to be flexible enough to try to learn something,
which would require they admit they don't know everything, which is an
unlikely scenario.

>As for me, my small household ( my lord husband and myself), we shall
>keep on being polite to the heralds

When are the heralds going to start to be polite?



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