Whining and complaining

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Thu Feb 15 14:54:38 PST 1996

<"Mark Harris" <mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com>>
>Huh? Did I get that right? Did you say you wear medieval clothing to
>your populace meetings? Or were you really speaking about events?

Yes, you are correct.  For reasons I have never understood, the groups I
have attended meetings of do, in fact, wear their medieval clothing to
populace meetings.

>I guess it's time for an intra-kingdom anthropology question. Do other
>people/groups wear medieval clothing (garb) to local group meetings?

I know that in some other kingdoms they do not.

>It is certainly uncommon here in Bryn Gwlad (Austin). Now that fighter
>practice is only on tuesday nights, people don't even dress up for
>fighter practice anymore.

It's probably one of those stupid provincial customs, held onto and
cherished from the ancient times...


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