Wearing of med. clothes was Re: Whining and complaining

Deborah Sweet dssweet at Okway.okstate.edu
Thu Feb 15 14:57:26 PST 1996

Stefan li Rous asks:

>I guess it's time for an intra-kingdom anthropology question. Do other
>people/groups wear medieval clothing (garb) to local group meetings?

I almost always (99% of the time) wear medieval clothing to all our 
Thursday night meetings here in Mooneschadoweshire. I do not wear 
medieval clothing to the once a month officer's meeting. And I try to 
wear medieval clothing to the fighter practices that I attend, but I'm 
not always successful (sometimes it's better to be warm).

However, I'm one of the more frequent medieval dressers. My husband 
dresses medieval as often as I do, but unfortunately he can't attend 
most of the meetings. Most everyone else dresses for populace meeting. 
But after that you're lucky to see more than three or four people in 
medieval dress at any particular meeting.

Estrill Swet

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