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Sun Feb 18 16:10:35 PST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-18 16:36:39 EST, Litch wrote:

>but what does it say about you that rather than try toy to encourage more
participation you instead told me to shut up.

People have been more than gentle with their feedback to your rude and very
barbed comments.  As one person said, if you are not part of the solution
than you are part of the problem.  Had you offered to take/teach heralding
classes to help others instead of 
blasting the system , or perhaps if you had more "active" participation time
then people may not have been the way they were.  

As a side, your very rude and infantile wording on the Ansteorran page may
have caused a few people from the Waco area to not even give the SCA a
chance.  Yes this is their loss, but had you not been such an immature
hot-head they would have seen the page as it was and perhaps even enjoyed it.


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