Garb at business meetings...

Christopher Walden cmwalden at
Sun Feb 18 17:52:48 PST 1996

I suppose my take on garb at business meetings is that it blurs some 
of the lines.  Robin of Gilwell once divided the SCA experience into 
three groups.  One was the Club, one was the Game, and the other was 
(I think) the Dream.

The Game and the Dream are both involved with persona.  They are 
where Antonio becomes and gets to do all of his nifty stuff that 
doesn't involve staying late to bring networks back up.

The Club is where Chris Walden has signed a waiver, sent money and 
become an official member of SCA, Inc. and has to deal with all of 
the legal ramifications and responsibilities for making SCA, Inc. 
work on a local level.

At a business meeting in Bryn Gwlad most of what we discuss is what
we want the club to do in the short and long terms.  As Antonio I am 
bound to serve the Baron, Jeremy and to keep my personal feelings to 
myself if I disagree, unless I can talk to him discreetly.  I must 
respect and give deference to his rank.  However, when Ray is 
discussing what he thinks needs to be done with the baronial money, 
or adding a new item to our local club activities, with new resources 
and responsibilities required, Chris may have to express, debate and 

Based on that, I like to have business meetings done mundanely.  
Ideally they remain business, are efficient, and allow us to get back 
to the Game and the Dream fairly quickly.

Your mileage may vary.


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