Northern Regional Event Question

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Mon Feb 19 12:12:59 PST 1996

Diarmuit (writing for Talana the Violet) asks:

>My wife wanted me to ask if there is a listing of activities and or
>classes that have been scheduled for this event, and also to find out
>who is acting as A&S coordinator for the event and how to reach them.

According to what's in the Black Star, the A&S Collegium & Competition 
is being run/coordinated by Lord Hrathgar Frosthair (405) 949-1564. 
There is no listing of what classes are being taught.

A basic listing of activities can be gleaned from the sponsored events: 
Masked Ball, Male/Female Belly Dance Contest, Tavern, Badminton Tourney, 
Rapier List, A&S Collegium & Competition, Bardic Competition, Archery, 
Axe/Knife/Spear Throw, Feast, Castle Sale, and Kingdom War College.


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