Mardi Gras (In Elizabethan England)

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Tue Feb 20 11:40:57 PST 1996

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>Aubrey wrote:
>>>this was often a day for the apprentices to riot;
>>This sounds like a perfectly acceptable custom that we, in our endeavor to
>>recreate this past age, might ought to think about?  Any other apprentices
>>want to comment?
>No, when I riot I like to have a good reason, like the high price of ale.
>riot just because it's a holiday is a waste of time which could be better
>on wine, women and song.
>Ld Llywelyn Gruffydd
>Apprentice to Mistress Jeanmaire du Doremy
>     Greetings Aubrey!  I quite agree with the rioting idea.  Besides
>          being your apprentice sister, I think our Laurel, Mistress
>          Siobahn would enjoy a good Mardi Gras Riot/Party!
>          Rhiain

I want to know whay only apprentices are invited to this riot..............

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