Mardi Gras (In Elizabethan England)

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Tue Feb 20 14:27:02 PST 1996

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> Greetings Aubrey!  I quite agree with the rioting idea.  Besides
>          being your apprentice sister, I think our Laurel, Mistress
>          Siobahn would enjoy a good Mardi Gras Riot/Party!
>          Rhiain

Quite right you are, dear sister.  I have missed getting to bedevil anyone.
 Its been four years since I've been able to indulge in anything like cadet
tricks.  However, if we plan to  throw our Laurel a Riot Party, we'd best
make the planning off this net...if we value our lives.  Siobahn, after all,
has a completely justifiable reputation for...well, you know what happened to
her last nine apprentices, don't you?


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