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>Who took the honors at Norhtkeep Castellan?

They changed the format for Castellan this year to be a number of 
categories, each with a title, and only awarding the title of Castellan
ONLY to the person who excelled in all the categories.

The heavy weapons championship (I forget the title, but I suspect that 
Damon will remind me :) ) was won by Maerik Vilderhar, for which he 
received a pass down prize of a sword.   The Provost, or light weapons 
award) was given to Lady Theresa (whose complete name escapes me), and her 
pass-down prize was a rather spiffy Main-gauche.  Since I was busy comparing 
the pattern of his Highness' trousers with that of the throne cushions, I 
missed hearing who won the projectile competition, but they were awarded 
with a pass-down quiver.  The "Artisan and Scientist" was awarded to...
Well, ok, I was looking for my feast token, which had fallen off my
badge, so I missed this one too, but I know the pass-down prize was a 
carved chunk of amber the size of half a coffee cup.  A similar carved
bit of amber was the pass down prize (as well as the traditional cloak)
for the Bard, which was again won by Robert FitzMorgan.

No one, however, excelled enough to with the Castellan title, and all the
goodies (most of which they get to keep) that will be added to for next

Diarmuit (who was too busy showing off his new clothes to take notes...)

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